EclipseGuard Glasses
Available for sale across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
URGENT ALERT - Verify Authenticity of Your EclipseGuard Glasses

Counterfeits of EclipseGuard glasses have been sold in various marketplaces. Click here to read our alert and confirm that you hold authentic EclipseGuard solar eclipse glasses.
Click here to download our most recent independent ISO lab report for EclipseGuard solar eclipse viewing glasses, dated October 25, 2023.
  • Certified Safe Viewing: EclipseGuard glasses by Celestial Optical are ISO 12312-2 and CE certified, offering you the safest way to view solar events.
  • USA-Made Lenses: Our glasses feature high-quality lenses made in the USA, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience and demonstrating our commitment to superior product standards.
  • Bilingual Instructions: We include clear, detailed instructions in both English and Spanish for the USA or English and French for Canada on the inside of our glasses, so everyone can use them safely and correctly.
  • International Craftsmanship: Assembled with precision in China using only highest quality American-made lenses, our glasses represent a blend of international expertise, ensuring safety, quality, and affordability for everybody.
  • Celestial Optical Quality: As a part of the Celestial Optical family, EclipseGuard glasses offer the reliability and high-quality experience our customers trust.

Witness the magnificent spectacle of a solar eclipse safely and clearly with the Celestial Optical EclipseGuard Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses. Our glasses are designed to allow you to safely view the sun before, during, and after an eclipse, including partial solar eclipses.

Central to the EclipseGuard glasses are high-quality lenses made in the USA, providing an unparalleled viewing experience. Each pair is meticulously assembled in China, reflecting our dedication to a harmonious fusion of international craftsmanship.

For your peace of mind, our EclipseGuard glasses are ISO 12312-2 and CE certified.

In addition, we've printed clear instructions in both English and Spanish on the inside of the glasses. This ensures everyone, regardless of their language, can safely enjoy the awe-inspiring spectacle of solar eclipses.

EclipseGuard glasses, a proud member of the Celestial Optical family, exemplify the quality, reliability, and outstanding celestial viewing experience that our customers have come to expect from our products.
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