• PROFESSIONAL SOLAR PHOTOGRAPHY: Capture stunning solar images with unparalleled clarity and natural color. Ideal for photographing solar eclipses, sunspots, and planetary transits.
  • 20-STOPS OF LIGHT REDUCTION: The SUNDARA ND1000000 filter blocks extreme amounts of light, making it perfect for long-exposure solar photography.
  • PREMIUM SCHOTT B270 OPTICAL GLASS: Experience top-notch quality and crisp imaging, thanks to our filter’s best in the industry German-made Schott B270 optical glass.
  • 16-LAYER NANO COATING: Our pro-level multi-coating increases light transmission, minimizes reflections, and protects against water, dust, and scratches.
  • WATERPROOF & ANTI-REFLECTIVE: Take worry-free shots in any weather. Our filter is built to withstand the elements.
  • 6063 ALUMINUM RING: Durable and corrosion-resistant, the 6063 aluminum alloy ring ensures a secure fit and prolonged longevity with greater corrosion resistance than other 6xxx aluminum alloys.
Capture the Sun Like Never Before!

Introducing the SUNDARA Solar Filter by Celestial Optical — a game-changer for professional solar photography. Whether you're gearing up for a solar eclipse or aiming to capture the ethereal beauty of sunspots and planetary transits, our ND1000000 filter offers the ultimate solution.

Why Choose SUNDARA?

Professional-Quality Shots: Achieve unparalleled clarity and natural color rendition with our 20-stop light reduction capabilities. Crafted from premium Schott B270 optical glass, the SUNDARA filter sets a new standard in solar imaging.

Advanced Technology: With a 16-layer nano coating, you'll experience increased light transmission and reduced reflections. Plus, the coating offers protection against water, dust, and scratches.

Durability Meets Design: The corrosion-resistant 6063 aluminum ring guarantees a secure fit and adds to the filter’s lifespan. Plus, its anti-reflective and waterproof features mean you can shoot in any weather conditions with peace of mind.

User-Friendly: Our solar filter is compatible with all camera lenses that accept a screw-on lens filter, making it a versatile addition to your photography gear. Simply attach it to your lens, and you’re ready to start capturing incredible solar images.

Don’t miss out on capturing the next breathtaking solar event. Add the SUNDARA Solar Filter by Celestial Optical to your cart today and shoot for the sun!